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Genia Tecnologia S.A.S.

Basic information
Country of originColombia
IndustryInformation and communication technology, Other
Date modified2.3.2017 17:20:29
Date published15.4.2016 14:42:17
Project details
Project type:Trade intermediary (agent, representative, distributor)
Project abstract:Genia Tecnologia S.A.S., a Colombian company specialised in offering technical platforms for business intelligence is searching for an international channel developer partner for helping to commercialize their technological systems.
Project description:
The company, established in 2009 is based in Cali, Colombia and currently employs 7 persons.

The company’s main product is Genia Libraries, which is a Productivity and Analytical Platfom based on electronic identification for libraries. Genia Libraries serves security needs, inventory management, internal use, ordering shelves, searching for misplaced books, fines control, quick service and self-service stations. All the aforementioned components are integrated to provide valuable data for analysis.

The company has ItMark quality certification which is recognized in Europe, especially for technological project companies, this certification involved business area, product development under CMMI level 2, and information security.

The customers so far have been Library Universities around the country. One of them is a National University System, which has branch in different cities, and gradually are implemented the platform around the country.

The company is currently looking for a partner for facilitating the export of Genia Libraries by developing international sales channels, defining sales prices and commissions to channels and setting marketing material according to each market.
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Expected input of the partner:Export of Genia Libraries together with Genia Tecnologia S.A.S.
Company information
Company name:Genia Tecnologia S.A.S.
Organisation type:Company, enterprise or trading name
Contact details
Address:Cr 85B #15-54 Floor 2
Postal code:760046
Phone number:cell phone 57+ 350 216 4529
Fax number:-
Web page:
Company size
Number of employees:1-9
Annual turnover, €:0 - 0,5 million
Annual balance sheet total:0 - 0,5 million
Certifications/quality standards:ItMark quality certification
Already engaged in international co-operation:No
Percentage of transnational activities:-
Contact person
Title (Mrs, Mr, Ms):Ms.
First name:Diana Milena Salgado
Last name:Arbeláez
Title (operational):Chief Revenue Officer
Phone number:cell phone 57+ 350 216 4529
Name of the organisation:Cali Chamber of Commerce
Contact person:Isabella Echeverry
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