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Panacea BPO Services Private Limited

Basic information
Country of originIndia
Date modified31.3.2017 15:58:59
Date published31.3.2017 15:55:44
Project details
Project type:Trade intermediary (agent, representative, distributor), Joint venture
Project abstract:Panacea BPO Services Private Limited, Indian company specialised in language and translation services is searching for Finnish partners that can generate leads and help with market access in European countries.
Project description:

The company, established in 2009 is based in Pune, India and currently employs 7 linguists and has about 60 associate linguists.

The company’s main services include translation, editing, proof reading, preproduction of books, subtitling, and voice over. The company has 22 Indian and International languages to offer, in various combinations. The company translates marketing collaterals, brochures, websites, profiles, presentations, product information, instruction manuals, HR documents, patents, legal documents and others for their corporate clients; in German, French, Thai, Japanese, Italian, Romanian, Arabic and Indian languages. The company also offers translation as an outsourced service to publishers, and delivers print ready copy in target language. In the year 2016, the company delivered 40 such titles to publishers comprising about 120000 translated, edited, proof read, typeset print ready pages in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Arabic and Tamil.

The customers so far have been corporate clients like multinational engineering companies, agri-input companies, insurance, pharma and other companies having manufacturing facilities or customer base in multiple geographies.

The company is currently looking for a partner to generate leads, to do follow up, getting the sample approved, generating enquiry, getting the quotation approved, payment collection, keeping rapport with client and getting repeat business. The partner would be from the business complimentary to Panacea’s, like media, software, web design and SEO, e-learning where the companies share the similar set of customers.

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Expected input of the partner:Partner to help with market access in European countries.
Company information
Company name:Panacea BPO Services Private Limited
Organisation type:Company, enterprise or trading name
Contact details
Address:United Western Hall 1st floor, United Western Society plot no. 3, S. 43/43 Karve Nagar
Postal code:411058
Phone number:+91-20-65005814
Fax number:-
Web page:
Company size
Number of employees:1-9
Annual turnover, €:0 - 0,5 million
Annual balance sheet total:0 - 0,5 million
Certifications/quality standards:-
Already engaged in international co-operation:Yes
Percentage of transnational activities:0 to 9 %
Contact person
Title (Mrs, Mr, Ms):Ms
First name:Vidula
Last name:Tokekar
Title (operational):Founder Tokekar
Phone number:+919975579562
Name of the organisation:BNI – Business Network International
Contact person:Mr. Atul Joglekar / Mr. Bharat Daga
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