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Learning Content Publishing SAS

Basic information
Country of originColombia
IndustryInformation and communication technology, Services, Educational services
Date modified7.7.2017 13:00:17
Date published7.7.2017 12:57:18
Project details
Project type:Production, marketing or other activity involving transfer of know-how or technology, Joint venture
Project abstract:The company is looking for partners in Finland who can provide know–how and technological platforms for educational purposes. Such platforms must be user friendly and offer “blended learning” aimed at job and professional training. Preferably in areas of technology, information technology, renewable energy, marketing and administration.
Project description:

Learning Content Publishing SAS is a company specialised in creating and developing cross media content and technology to support academic institutions and companies in the implementation of Learning Solutions, specially designed for the competency-based education (EBC) scheme.

The company was founded in 2015 and currently employs 8 permanent and 2 non-permanent workers. Their main customer segments are educational institutions of technological training, institutes and Academies of English Language Teaching (ELT) focused in general job training for companies and individuals. Their operations cover the entire Colombian market and have set the goal of reaching Peru, Ecuador and Panama in 2018. The company is working as exclusive agent in Colombia of Colleague Board (USA) and Anglia Exams (UK) which are ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) certifying entities.

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Expected input of the partner:Finnish companies and partners which can provide know-how or technology related to the education sector. Companies that develop user friendly education platforms and blended learning aimed for job and professional training.
Company information
Company name:Learning Content Publishing SAS
Organisation type:Company, enterprise or trading name
Contact details
Address:Cra 50 No. 134 - 24 Int 4-302
Postal code:-
State:Cundinamarca, Colombia
Phone number:+ 57 1 386 4800, + 57 314 477 2857
Fax number:-
Web page:
Company size
Number of employees:1-9
Annual turnover, €:0 - 0,5 million
Annual balance sheet total:0 - 0,5 million
Certifications/quality standards:The company holds ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) certificates from College Board and Anglia Exams. The certifications are approved by the Colombia’s Ministry of Education.
Already engaged in international co-operation:Yes
Percentage of transnational activities:10 to 49 %
Contact person
Title (Mrs, Mr, Ms):Mr.
First name:Mauricio
Last name:Mikan
Title (operational):Managing Director
Phone number:+ 57 314 477 2857
Name of the organisation:College Board
Contact person:Federico Escobar Córdoba
Company information prepared and verified by
Name of the organisation:Viento Trading
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