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Listo y Fresco Ltda

Basic information
Country of originColombia
IndustryAgriculture and food processing
Date modified20.1.2017 17:05:45
Date published26.11.2014 12:52:24
Project details
Project type:Trade intermediary (agent, representative, distributor)
Project abstract:Listo y Fresco Ltda, a Colombian company specialised in producing and commercializing precooked and/or frozen (IQF) fruits and vegetables is searching for Finnish partners for introducing their products to the Nordic market.
Project description:

The company, established in1996 is based in Cali and currently employs 20 persons.

The company’s main products include precooked and/or frozen (IQF) fruits and vegetables such as blackberry, tree tomato, palm fruit, lulo (naranjilla), golden berry (physallis), yellow potato, yellow cassava, cassava, squash.  Listo y Fresco has established alliances with farmers, based on a win-win relationship, and is always willing to work with farmers associations, single mother head of households and people in difficult situations.  Most of the farmers the company works with are located on depressed regions of Colombia.

The company is currently exporting to different markets, such as Japan, USA, Spain, and England. Even though the product portfolio shows 10 products that are currently processed and exported, the plant is flexible enough to adapt itself to new developments and projects of new products.

The company is currently looking to establish an alliance with companies in Nordic countries as well as in Germany and Austria. They want to become the supplier for a wholesaler/distributor. They can process around 10 containers of 40 ft per month.

If you are interested in this company, please contact Finnpartnership matchmaking[at]

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Expected input of the partner:Import and distribution of Listo y Fresco Ltda’s products
Company information
Company name:Listo y Fresco Ltda
Organisation type:Company, enterprise or trading name
Contact details
Address:Calle 23 No. 36B-37
Postal code:760041
Phone number:+57 2 3371920
Fax number:+ 57 2 3345435
Web page:
Company size
Number of employees:10-49
Annual turnover, €:0,5 - 2 million
Annual balance sheet total:0 - 0,5 million
Certifications/quality standards:HACCP
Already engaged in international co-operation:Yes
Percentage of transnational activities:-
Contact person
Title (Mrs, Mr, Ms):Mrs
First name:Erika
Last name:Becerra
Title (operational):International trade manager
Phone number:+57 2 3371920
Name of the organisation:-
Contact person:-
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