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Basic information
Country of originViet Nam
IndustryTextiles and clothing
Date modified31.1.2017 09:05:52
Date published26.6.2015 12:54:22
Project details
Project type:Subcontracting / outsourcing activities
Project abstract:Ginkgo, a Vietnamese company specialised in clothing manufacturing, is searching for Finnish partners who are looking for producing quality clothing in reasonable quantities.
Project description:

The company, established in 2007 is based in Ho Chi Minh City and currently employs 86 persons.

The company’s main products include quality clothing (t-shirt, shirts, dresses…) which fabrics are carefully selected. The company also have a choice of organic fabrics among 6 different choices tha client can go with. The minimum quantity orders for fabrics that are in stock are extremely low.

The customers so far have been French and Vietnamese, the local customers are mostly tourists who stop at one of their 9 shop they own in Vietnam while the French customer are SME’s who sell quality products and source part of their production from Ginkgo.

The company is currently looking for a partner to source part or all of their production at Ginkgo, the maximum production capacity the company boasts is 15,000 pcs per month but have plans to enlarge in future. The MOQ is 150pcs if the chosen fabric is in stock.

The company is actually in the process of getting GOTS certification for their organic fabrics.

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Expected input of the partner:Long-term customer relationship with clothing brands from Finland.
Company information
Company name:Ginkgo
Organisation type:Company, enterprise or trading name
Contact details
Address:254 De Tham
Postal code:District 1
City:Ho Chi Minh City
Phone number:+ 84 122 375 94 42
Fax number:-
Web page:
Company size
Number of employees:50-249
Annual turnover, €:0 - 0,5 million
Annual balance sheet total:0 - 0,5 million
Certifications/quality standards:-
Already engaged in international co-operation:Yes
Percentage of transnational activities:10 to 49 %
Contact person
Title (Mrs, Mr, Ms):Mr
First name:Raphael
Last name:Igla
Title (operational):Sales Executive
Phone number:+84 12 67 20 89 75
Name of the organisation:-
Contact person:-
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Name of the organisation:FinnSEA Oy
Finnpartnership Company Spotter assigned
Company Spotter assigned for Partner Identification in Finland:Yes
Name of the organisation:FinnSEA Oy
Contact person:Pietro Karjalainen
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