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Expert Databases

When more specific information is needed on a particular country or sector, we recommend you to utilize the expertise of consultants. Consultants/experts can be searched through Enterprise Finland's Expert Search. Expert Search is a service governed by SME Foundation in Finland. The service offers a possibility to search for consultants and experts with specific expertise. The search can be limited to a specific sector, know-how, past experience or geographical location. After submitting the search, a customer can send a contact or offer request to a selected consultant.

For consultants/experts looking to register to Expert Search-service:
In order to register to the service at, a Finnish bank account and Finnish internet banking passwords (PIN/TAN system) are needed.

Cleantech Finland is a network of top cleantech experts. These experts work in different industries for a multitude of companies which have one feature in common. From start-ups to global leaders, they see opportunities in every problem, believing the best cleantech solutions are still out there. And they will be developed together.

Cleantech Finland links Finnish cleantech expertise to global demand. Through SOLVED service Cleantech Finland can help you find the best cleantech solutions to match your need, wherever you are. Anyone can ask questions, join the conversation and network. At the moment there are around hundred experts registered to SOLVED service.