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Organisations Offering Internationalisation Services

There are many organisations offering internationalisation services in Finland. Finnpartnership has listed contacts with Finnish and developing country companies and organisations supporting import.

Enterprise Finland is a free online service that provides information about the kinds of assistance available to companies or entrepreneurs for establishing and developing their business. Enterprise Finland is particularly targeted at SMEs.

Finpro is a globally operating organisation that helps Finnish companies to grow  internationally.

The Six Steps to Mobile Market Entry is an interactive toolkit guide to Finnish mobility domain companies that are considering Kenya and Vietnam as potential target countries. The Six Steps to Mobile Market Entry is a Finpro & Finnpartnership co-product. It is carried out in cooperation with Finnish companies that participated in Finpro’s Mobile Business at the BoP project in 2010–2011. This concrete step-by-step guide helps in figuring out how to enter mobile markets in Kenya and Vietnam.

FinnCham is a global network, founded by the Finnish Chambers of Commerce, to support the internationalisation and exports of Finnish companies. FinnCham aims at establishing contacts between Finnish companies operating around the world and those wishing to do so; at opening doors; and at strengthening economic relations with other countries. The network links more than 100 trade associations, Chambers of Commerce and societies operating in different parts of the world to help create a strong image of Finland and build valuable company contacts in the target countries. The Finland Chamber of Commerce coordinates the FinnCham network in cooperation with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Employment and Economy, and Finpro.

Trade is a major source of growth and jobs in Europe. With the Market Access Strategy, the European Commission in close cooperation with Member States and business makes sure that trade opportunities created through multilateral and bilateral negotiations are translated into real market access for European exporters.
In 2007, a renewed Market Access Strategy was established, which consists of two instruments: Market Access Partnership and Market Access Database.
The Market Access Database is an interactive, free online service with information for more than 100 countries on the import tariff and internal taxes, the import formalities (e.g. customs procedures and requirements) with samples of all the necessary forms, and the most important trade barriers faced by EU exporters abroad.
The Market Access Strategy pays particular attention to the needs of SMEs who want to export to or invest in third countries.

Finnish missions all over the world are furthering the benefits of Finland and Finnish citizens in many ways. Together with other Team Finland organisations they also promote Finnish companies abroad.

Finnish companies can contact Finnish embassies for instance when they run into trade or market access barriers or when they need information about circumstances and opportunities in the target country. Embassies can use their diplomatic relations to open doors for Finnish companies as well as to solve trade barrier issues. They influence local actors both in bilateral relations and as part of the EU.

The Finnish diplomatic mission network is part of the Team Finland network which promotes Finland's external economic relations and country brand, the internationalisation of Finnish companies as well as foreign investments directed at Finland.