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Approved Expenses

Expenses incurred after Finnpartnership has registered the properly submitted application form may be covered by the Business Partnership Support. The support covers part of the approved expenses (30 /50/ 70 %). The support coverage depends on the size of the applicant company and the development status of the target country (see Target Countries and Expense Coverage).

E.g. the following expenses, if incurred in the target country or another country relevant to the project, can be eligible:
  • travel expenses of the recipient’s own employees and external experts (to the target country or another country relevant to the project) 
  • accommodation expenses and daily allowances of the recipient´s own employees and external experts
  • the recipient’s own employees’ working expenses based on the employee’s employment contract (weekdays Monday through Friday)
  • external expert´s working expenses (e.g. legal consulting, market research), can also be supported in Finland

More detailed instructions on acceptable expenses can be found in Annex 2 of the Discretionary Government Transfer Decision. This document also includes a list of non-eligible expenses, which cannot be supported (e.g. start-up costs, recruiting, general marketing expenses). Please note that expenses arising from the applicant company´s normal business activities cannot be supported.