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Eligible Applicants

Eligible applicants for Business Partnership Support are:
  • companies registered in Finland or elsewhere that have a substantial link to Finland. Substantial link to Finland is a significant Finnish ownership in the applicant company, or a contractual relationship between a Finnish company and the company registered abroad.
  • public utilities or other institutions that are operating according to the principles of the public sector, and are registered in Finland
  • research facilities, universities, cooperatives and chambers of commerce or similar organisations based in Finland
  • non-governmental organisations/associations registered in Finland that practice or contribute to economic operations
  • consortium of several companies or organisations

The applicant must be the responsible actor for implementing the project (e.g. not the external expert/consultant assigned to the project by another party). The applicant should have an adequate commercial track record corresponding to the operations and sector of the project in question. In addition, the applicant should have sufficient financial and human resources to implement the project.

If a consortium of several companies is applying for the grant, one company acts as the main coordinator. The same above-mentioned conditions apply to the main coordinator as well as other entities applying for the Business Partnership Support. The government transfer decision can be given to each member of the consortium individually and support can only be allocated for actors who fulfil these conditions. Main coordinator is in charge of utilising the allocated Business Partnership Support according to the terms and conditions of the support. 

In principle, Business Partnership Support is de minimis aid with a few exceptions (see Amount of the Business Partnership Support and De Minimis Aid). In the framework of the de minimis regulation, a company is entitled to receive a maximum of € 200,000 of de minimis aid over a 3-year period. Prior to applying for the grant, the applicant should check whether the company has received de minimis aid and also the amount of the received aid.