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Business Partnership Support

Business Partnership Support is financial support for the planning, development and training phases of projects aiming at establishing commercial activity in developing countries, or starting importing from developing countries. The support can be granted to Finnish companies and other organisations for commercially viable, long-term activities aimed at economic cooperation in developing countries. All projects should contribute to positive developmental effects in the target country.

The purpose of Business Partnership Support is to encourage commercial cooperation between Finnish companies and companies and organisations in developing countries. The aim is to achieve positive developmental effects in the target countries.

Business Partnership Support is de minimis aid as of 1.1.2010. Under certain conditions, de minimis regulations can be considered not applicable to Business Partnership Support. Applications for the Business Partnership Support are submitted on a separate form including the specified attachments. The form, attachments, additional information on the application process, and the terms and conditions are available on this website.

Due to the public nature of Business Partnership Support, the applicant company´s name, sector and amount of support granted are public information.