Payment of Support Facility and Reporting Liability for projects registered from 2016 onwards

Business Partnership Support is valid for 24 months from the date that the applicant has been informed of the decision (Discretionary Government Transfer Decision) by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. The receiving entity must request reimbursement with a separate reimbursement request before the due date.

The reimbursement request can only be submitted after the approved project expenses have accrued. The support is paid against approved, accrued and paid expenses. Also the commitment form must be submitted to the Ministry before the reimbursement request.

Commitment form

For the projects registered from 1.1.2016  the reimbursement request will be submitted to the Ministry's online service by using the reimbursement request form downloadable below. All required attachment documents concerning reimbursement request are still being translated.

At this moment please contact Finnpartnership for further instructions.

Reimbursement request form