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Payment of Support Facility and Reporting Liability

Please follow the instruction below if your application has been registered before 31.12.2015. For applications registered from 1.1.2016 instruction will be uploaded later. 

Business Partnership Support is valid for 24 months from the date that the applicant has been informed of the decision (Discretionary Government Transfer Decision) by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. The receiving entity must request reimbursement with a separate reimbursement request before the due date.

The reimbursement request can only be submitted after the approved project expenses have accrued. The support is paid against approved, accrued and paid expenses.

The signed undertaking which the company has received together with the Discretionary Government Transfer Decision, must be submitted before the due amount of support can be paid.

The reimbursement request consists of

  1. a signed reimbursement request form*,
  2. a specification of detailed incurred expenses (signed by the auditor),
  3. an auditor's statement that certifies the expenses (100% of the accrued expenses need to be audited), 
  4. a check-list completed and signed by the auditor and
  5. a final report.

Additionally, a copy of the applicant's formal business registration documents (including e.g. information on authorized representatives of the company, max. 3 months old) must be included.

*) The undersigned must have signatory rights as per official company documents i.e. several signatures might be required.

The receiver of the Business Partnership Support can apply for reimbursement in a maximum of two installments. If the receiving entity requests reimbursement in two installments, the final report must be submitted at the time of the first reimbursement request, if the first installment is more than 2/3 of the total amount of support allocated. Even if final report is not required, the request should include a short description of what has been achieved in the project so far, and what the next steps will be. Both reimbursement requests must include an auditor's statement and check-list. Auditor has to audit 100% of the expenses included in the reimbursement request (a random sample audit is not sufficient).

If any requirements regarding the social and environmental impacts of the project have been set (mentioned in the indicative decision in principle sent after the Finnfund Support Committee´s decision), the receiving entity must verify that the project documents for the making of which support has been used take into account these requirements. In order for the support to be paid, the reimbursement request must include all the above-mentioned documents.

In addition, follow-up reports detailing the progress of the project must be submitted for the two years following reimbursement. Templates for the follow-up reports will be sent by Finnpartnership.

Extension for the reimbursement request period cannot be granted. If the receiver of the support has not submitted the reimbursement request by the expiry date, the support expires. The receiving entity can however apply for support again, if the support is not used before the deadline, for example due to delays in the project, in which case the expenses have not accrued within the time limit. It is important, however, to note that any approved expenses of the new project can only accrue after the registration of the new Business Partnership Support application.