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In addition to legal requirements, the market itself has developed a number of standards and requirements. Although their specific nature can differ from sector to sector, an exporter targeting the Nordic market must live up to a set of standard expectations from buyers in order to enter the market successfully.

Nordic retail groups, as well as similar groups all around the European Union, are currently very keen on safeguarding their reputation. Stakeholders want to know every detail of companies’ behaviour in different situations and put a lot of pressure on legislators to produce more and more rules and regulations to control companies.

In many cases, buyers use standards as part of their basic requirements to the suppliers. Even if not officially required, a certified supplier is always favoured compared to a non-certified supplier. Certification is always carried out by specialized, trained auditors of a neutral standard certification body. Certification is always carried out by specialised, trained auditors of a neutral standard certification body. Product certification confirms that a product complies with specified requirements, or that process requirements are met. A certification mark or label is often attached to the product.

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Corporate Responsibility
The growing consumer awareness in the Nordic countries has led to the emergence of the concept of corporate responsibility (CR) . CR is a strategic tool for businesses to take responsibility, but also to make profit through sustainable business practises. CR lies on three pillars: economic, environmental, and social responsibility. CR involves taking more responsibility for sustainable development and the use of resources than required by law.

Nordic companies are to a large extent adopting CR as a part of their strategic business plan and demanding their partners and suppliers to do the same. Therefore, businesses from developing countries and emerging markets can gain financial benefits by adopting CR. There is great potential for your company if you manage to meet the social and environmental business requirements of Nordic companies, as it not only provides access to the Nordic market but also to the world’s largest market area – the EU-27. The reason for this is that Nordic business practises in CR are in accordance with EU regulations.

Global Compact is the largest voluntary corporate responsibility initiative to date, initiated by the UN. Learn more at