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Success Stories

Geographical information improves water supply management in the Philippines

The geographical information services offered by Keypro, a Finnish company, help water works service providers improve their operations in the Philippines. The Finnpartnership support was very important for finding the first partners. »

Duara Travels offers real experiences in developing countries

With family lodging offered by Duara Travels, a Finnish Company, the traveller can experience true village life in developing countries. The support from Finnpartnership was very important for starting the business. »

Finnish company turned defeat into victory in Ethiopia

The designer rug manufacturer Sera Helsinki’s start in Ethiopia was difficult but the persistent entrepreneurs turned defeat into victory. »

Finnish company exports solar energy know-how to Egypt

GreenEnergy Finland is helping Egypt increase the use of renewable energies. Support from Finnpartnership gave the company a head start. »

Watrec is 'all in' when seeking business in Vietnam

Watrec, which supplies biogas plants, is steadily progressing toward the first sale in Vietnam. Without support from Finnpartnership, the effort would not have been successful. »

Mobile service accelerates careers in Kenya

Fuzu, a Finnish company, developed a mobile service in Kenya, which helps job applicants find their place in their careers. The support from Finnpartnership was important early on. Now the company's growth is accelerated by funding from Finnfund. »

Finnish know-how improving African housing shortage

A Finnish architectural collaborative developed a new housing construction concept that is aiming at easing the housing shortage of Ivory Coast. Finnartnership’s support helps companies establish themselves on-site. »

Textile importer focuses on quality

Nest Factory imports unique, high-quality textiles from developing countries and has used Finnpartnership to find partners from as far afield as India and Peru. »

Kolmeks Oy finds growth in the Chinese district heating market

Pump manufacturer Kolmeks has found new growth in the Chinese district heating market and already employs around 420 people in China. Finnpartnership has provided valuable support for this new venture. »

Improving quality by improving primary production opportunities

Providing opportunities for primary production is the foundation of functional agriculture. A big believer in this philosophy is Eero Pisilä, a major shareholder of four potato businesses that total approximately 20 million euros in turnover. »

Coffee importer utilises networks effectively

Timbuktun Takana, an importer of high-quality coffees, relies on a network operational model. Important partners in Africa are Africans who have studied in Finland. »

Vietnam offers interesting import opportunities

Bevetrade Oy started importing Vietnamese beverages into Finland. The company got off to a good start with the help it received from Finnpartnership and has found other promising new contacts in Vietnam too. »

Farmcomp builds long-term business relationship

The Finnish manufacturer of moisture meters for farmers, Farmcomp, is off to a flying start in Colombia thanks to support from Finnish consultants Camaleonte and Finnpartnership. »

Pure Waste turns textile waste into business in India

Pure Waste Textiles is creating a production model in India to turn textile waste into new products. The company has received Finnpartnership's business partnership support for preparing the new business model. »

Haaga-Helia exploring international opportunities for education and training services

Haaga-Helia is increasing its education exports to developing countries. Finnpartnership has provided the institution with important support in mapping new markets and identifying partners. »

Finnish furniture maker thrives in Ethiopia

Furniture produced by the Puustinen family in Ethiopia has been selling strongly. Company trained the local staff with the support from Finnpartnership. »

Spotless teabag to enter the global market

Spotless Tea Bag Oy, which has received Finnpartnership’s business partnership support, aims for the global teabag market. With the help of the support, the company has studied the licensing possibilities for the Sri Lankan tea producers, and the negotiations are on-going. »

Business runs with instant messaging in Africa

Mifuko, which imports design items from Kenya, upped the game with its business operations. New messaging services help business operations between Finland and Africa. »

Responsibly produced clothes as an asset

Oi!Oi! Brazil Oy sells sportswear, which has been responsibly produced in the Brazilian countryside. The two entrepreneurs’ idea turned into a business with some help from Finnpartnership. »

Shoe shop’s new bestseller found in Colombia

The cooperation between Boutique Freda, a women’s shoe shop, and the Colombian Alterados shoe factory has had a promising start. Finnpartnership’s company spotters brought the two together. »

Resilience rewarded in volatile markets

Finnish CS Control Software expects strong growth in Egypt and Thailand, although political turmoil has slowed down projects in both countries. »

Finns Promoting and Teaching Biogas Capture in Southeast Asia

TBEC delivers biogas projects in Thailand and is now expanding into neighbouring countries. The company has been mapping new business opportunities with support from Finnpartnership. »

Molok Venturing onto the African Market through Namibia

A Namibian waste management company has started using and manufacturing Molok's Deep Collection waste system. With Team Finland's help, Molok now has the rest of southern Africa in its sights. »

Interest in Energy Saving Solutions On the Rise in China

The expertise of Finnish energy efficiency specialist GreenStream is in high demand in China. Support from Finnpartnership was vital to finding a suitable Chinese partner. »

Rural India Offers Great Business Opportunities

The poor rural areas of India may offer excellent business opportunities if you have the courage to seek them. The Finnish company Tikau has created a partnership network in India, partly with Finnpartnership’s support, and offers help in this. »

Software Company Nomis Goes for IT in the Philippines

Software company Nomis established a development unit in the Philippines a few years ago. Now, with Finnpartnership’s support, the company has set its sights on expanding into the country’s software market for the education sector. »

Company Spotter Seeks Partners in Its Wide Network

Finnpartnership’s company spotters are seeking companies in emerging markets to introduce future business projects to Finnish companies. Success in this requires comprehensive networks, says Tero Raassina. »

Good Partners Are Worth Seeking Further Afield

Machine workshop company Siimet decided to choose a different route than its competitors and got itself a subcontractor in Vietnam, with Finnpartnership's support. The company has had no cause to regret that decision. »

Pesmel Establishes Its Position in India

In six years, Pesmel Oy’s business activities in India have grown at least according to expectations. Finnpartnership’s support gave the company's operations in India a boost. »

Skilful Staff an Asset in Mongolia

The Finnish-owned Finpack has trained its staff in Mongolia with Finnpartnership’s support. Competence is an important asset in the country’s fast-growing packaging market. »

Finnish Company Pleased by Pakistani IT Know-How

Tampere-based BearIT found a new partner in Pakistan through Finnpartnership’s Matchmaking service. The level of IT know-how in the country was a pleasant surprise to the company. »

Finnish company helps Bolivian products to enter new markets

Masajo Oy is importing health-promoting natural products from Bolivia and exporting expertise that helps this South American country to increase the added value of its products. »

New network of consultants helping companies from developing countries to find partners

Finnpartnership’s new network of experts helps Finnish companies and companies from developing countries to begin business cooperation. Software company Craspp found a partner from Vietnam through the process. »

Animation studio headed to Asia via Malaysia

The animation studio Anima Vitae entered into a joint venture in Malaysia which is a good entry point into the growing Asian market. »

A Vietnamese ICT company found partners from Finland

Finnpartnership’s Matchmaking Service helped a Vietnamese ICT company TMA Solutions (TMA) in finding new clients from Finland. »

Pajat Solutions Ltd’s data collection system increases effectiveness of cancer screening in India

Pajat Solutions Ltd’s, a company developing data collection systems, and development organisation Plan Finland’s cooperation led to the creation of Poimapper data collection system. Poimapper is currently used in about ten different projects in developing countries – for example in India it is used to support the screenings for oral cancer. Mobile solutions makes healthcare easily accessible and inexpensive in challenging circumstances. Pajat Solutions received Finnpartnership’s Business Partnership Support for preliminary studies of the healthcare cancer screening system developing project in India. »

Track the donation with the help of Aspectus Oy’s Bank4Hope service in Vietnam

Aspectus Oy is a Finnish company established in 2010, operating currently also in Vietnam, specialized in communicating, analyzing, utilizing and commercializing the information obtained from the poorer communities in developing countries. »

Sibesonke’s mobile service to help millions of farmers in East Africa

Finnish mobile-service company Sibesonke Ltd was established in 2009 in Espoo and has from early on been directing its actions towards the developing markets. Sibesonke has successfully piloted a mobile farming service in Tanzania and has now entered into the commercial phase of the project. Sibesonke received Business Partnership Support from Finnpartnership for conducting the preliminary studies which were needed before establishing a subsidiary company and starting co-operation in Tanzania. »

Betonimestarit Oy exports building expertise to India

A few years ago, Betonimestarit Oy went to India to identify opportunities for producing concrete frames and elements. The company received support from Finnpartnership to map the requirements for establishing a joint venture. »

China underpins Norrhydro’s growth strategy

Norrhydro, a cylinder manufacturer, expands its operations in China. The company has received business partnership support from Finnpartnership. »

Inspex utilized Finnpartnership’s Business Partnership Support

Inspex has its roots in Oulu, northern Finland, where it has a long history of developing camera technology and ways of measuring radiation. Early in the new millennium the company began to consider how the x-ray technology used in health care and baggage security inspections could be applied in the food processing industry. »

From Hardships to Success in Vietnam

The beginning was not easy for furniture manufacturers Niemen Tehtaat in Vietnam. However, support from Finnpartnership helped them to get over the worst difficulties. »

South Africa interested in mobile learning

Mobile learning systems are rapidly rising in popularity around the world. Finnish company Mobiletools entered the growing South African market with Finnpartnership’s assistance. »

AkkuSer Ltd is seeking future growth from developing countries

AkkuSer, a company that specialises in recycling batteries and accumulators, is forging relationships not only with industrialised nations, but also with developing economies. Finnpartnership’s Matchmaking service has helped AkkuSer make contacts, and the company now intends to apply for Business Partnership Support to analyse future growth potential. »

Solar energy company setting its sights on Africa

OPAM Solar, which manufactures solar energy devices, is planning to expand its operations in Africa. Support from Finnpartnership helped the company to find and test a business concept suited to developing countries. »

Mifuko found designer bag makers in Kenya

Mifuko has its products manufactured in small African workshops. Finnpartnership’s Business Partnership Support helped launch these imports, which generate extra income for poor craftspeople. »

Stera utilized Finnpartnership’s Business Partnership Support

Stera Tecnologies Oy utilized Finnpartnership’s Business Partnership Support to find out the prospects for Indian operations. When Finnish contract manufacturer Stera Technologies decided to expand its business, India was its best option. The group’s most important customers are already there. »

Fairtrade washable diapers from Peru

Environment friendly, washable diapers are becoming increasingly popular in Finland. A Fairtrade version is becoming available, now that East 25 is starting imports from Peru. »

China - logical location for research and development-unit

The customers of Cybercom Plenware Oy are large Finnish companies, international and market leaders of their industries. The ideology of Cybercom is to be near the customer, so it is only natural that their operations are located near their customers' R&D -units. Through internationalization, the company was able to respond to its customers increasing R&D needs. In addition to Finland, the company has units in China, Estonia and Romania. »

Inex is surveying the possibilities in the Balkans and Ukraine

Finland's largest grocery store supplier is expanding supply sourcing into new areas with support from Finnpartnership. »

Looking for a new model for electrifying developing countries

The mini-hydro power production project in Ethiopia is a good example of how solutions to problems faced by developing countries are solved through commercially viable business. »

Training for coffee producers improves product quality and level of income

Finnpartnership is involved in a project, which is improving the business skills of smallholder farmers »

Textile importer Helmivene’s productive visit to Peru

Finnpartnership’s Matchmaking visit to Peru was a profitable experience for Helmivene Oy, a Finnish company selling alpaca products. It helped to establish contacts for direct importing of wool products to Finland. »

Pesmel takes carefully considered steps in India

According to Pesmel Oy's CEO Timo Äijö, business in India is an interesting prospect, but it pays to advance slowly in such a sizeable market. »

A close-knit partner network benefits all parties

Finnpartnership has built close relationships with other organisations which offer internationalisation services.This benefits all parties because the cooperation network is an effective channel for companies to receive more information about services that support their business. »

Tikau's orders provide employment opportunities in rural India

Tikau, a Finnish importer of handmade interior and personal accessories, extended its partner network in India with Finnpartnership's support. »

Successful subcontractor search in Tanzania

Lojer, a Finnish company which manufactures water pumps in Tanzania, improved its profitability by increasing subcontracting locally.Lojer used Finnpartnerhsip's Business Partnership Support to find a suitable partner. »

Bag importers provide employment opportunities for Nicaraguan women

Two Finnish women started importing Nicaraguan-made bags to Finland andwhat started as charity soon became a business when the sales of La Gringa bags took off. »

Logonet brings fresh thinking into textile industry in Bangladesh

Logonet Oy from Finland is working on an initiative to establish a textile factory in Bangladesh which will create high-quality products.This new business idea will be of benefit for the local workers, too. »

Technion's key accounts drew the company to China

The electronics and automation company Technion has built a network of subcontractors in China with the support of Finnpartnership. »