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With the help of Finnpartnership’s Matchmaking Service, companies and organisations in developing countries can seek out new cooperation opportunities and business partners from Finland. Finnpartnership channels business partnership initiatives from developing countries to companies in Finland. Business partnerships refer to long-term joint activities between companies or other economic actors in Finland and in developing countries, such as joint ventures or importing from developing countries.

For companies in the developing countries, Finnpartnership offers the opportunity to post information on their business initiatives in the PartnerSearch service, which may help in finding a suitable business partner from Finland for their project.

The Matchmaking Service is operated by Finnpartnership. During the Matchmaking process, consultants and external experts selected by Finnpartnership may assist the companies in contacting potential partner companies.

Occasionally Finnpartnership arranges other Matchmaking activities (events, meetings, etc.). The best way to stay informed on the opportunities is to subscribe to Finnpartnership’s monthly newsletter.