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Register for Matchmaking Service

Companies in developing countries are often on the lookout for reliable business partners abroad. The Matchmaking Facility puts those companies in touch with Finnish businesses. The goal is to stimulate investments and long-term business partnerships between the developing country and Finland.

From first idea to a match in four steps:

  1. The first step is to fill in the Matchmaking registration form on a computer and send it to Finnpartnership ( ). Please complete the form in English. Don't forget to include the mandatory attachments! 

  2. Finnpartnership will screen your Matchmaking Registration Form and contacts you in case of further questions.

  3. If your Matchmaking registration is relevant, the company information will be registered and published on the Partner Search database on Finnpartnership’s website.

  4. Finnpartnership may send information on suitable business opportunities directly to relevant companies, fair trade organisations, and other import/export oriented organisations in the developing country. Companies interested in your profile will contact you directly.

All services mentioned above are offered free of charge.
  Your company will not be requested to pay for the service to Finnpartnership or to the consultants used by Finnpartnership.