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Enersizes press release on Finnpartnership funding

Finnpartnership proposed Finnish Foreign Ministry to grant support to Enersize in 2015 for establishing a long term business partnership with Chinese companies in order to improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions in China. The aim of the project was to establish a joint venture and/or network of installation and maintenance partners and/or local production. The applicant expected to achieve following environmental effects:

The project improves energy efficiency in China and thus has positive effect on the environment.

New services help in significant way cutting the energy consumption in many different industries.

By increasing the efficiency in compressed air systems even 45 million tons of less CO2 can be produced in China.

By improving the compressed air systems the consumption of electricity in industry can be reduced 15 – 30 %.

In press release 21.12.2017 Enersize announced that they got a lump sum for market development from Finnpartnership, which is not correct. This sum of money was a refund for agreed activities in 2015. Those costs that were eligible were assessed now after the project by Finnpartnership, and paid as agreed according to the guidelines for 2015. Some cuts, as usual, were done to the original budget and payment presented by applicant in order for all the costs to fulfill the guidelines of the grant.

Julkaistu 29.12.2017